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Classic (Legacy) Computers

  • MOD, S3M, STM, MTM, FAR, 669 Music Modules
    A selection of Amiga MOD, Screamtracker S3M, and various other module types, collected over the period 1991-1994 (although some were written earlier) - Play streaming versions right from this site, or download the original module file for old time's sake (they're playable in WinAmp, among other programs - I also offer the vintage programs MODPLAY and DMP which date from that era, although you'll probably need a suitably old PC to use them)

  • PC Demos 1987-1998
    It's amazing how far they came in just 10 years or so... remember, most of these demos do what they do without the aid of 3D accelerator video cards or in some cases even a floating-point math-coprocessor, all things we think of as standard these days.

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