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These are some early attempts... essentially recreating a PC demo effect from the early 1990s. A shade "bob" (essentially a sprite graphic) bounces around the video area leaving a colourful trail that builds up over time.

Scroll down for some video samples.

Sample source code for download: Sample shadebob Targas for download (you might need to right-click -> save-link-target-as):
  • filled circle
    A simple filled circle, 49x49, 24bpp

  • feather
    A shadebob of feather, 109x150, 24bpp - this one is interesting 'cause the trail isn't entirely uniform

  • pot leaf
    Heh, of course I had to try this with a cannabis leaf, the result was kinda cool actually, 150x150, 24bpp
And here are some examples of the final renderings, changing various variables from one to the other:

shadebobs - the original render

shadebobs negative - same as the first, only the trail subtracts instead of adds

shadebobs feather - same as the first, but now using a feather as the shadebob

shadebobs feather 2 - same as shadebobs feather, but with increased speed and intensity

shadebobs pot - same as the first, but now using a cannabis leaf as the shadebob

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