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About the Author

About "The Doc"

"The Doc", or "Doctor Strange", is an alias I picked up years ago, and have been using ever since. And no, it has nothing to do with the movie Doctor Strangelove, and no, I've never read a single comic with Doctor Strange. It's just a name I picked out of thin air... More than one person has started calling me simply "The Doc", because they turn to me whenever Micro$oft unleashes yet another plague on their computers. My real name, as you've probably noticed, is Paul Chattaway. I turn the big 30 this year... *shudder*


My hobbies include computers (but of course ;-); rebuilding, refurbishing, and upgrading older and new computers; programming in C, C++, Java, Python, and BASIC; model rocketry (when I can find an open field on a sunny day); electronics; aquariums, gardening, and reading. I'm also dabbling in a little digital photo touch-up and editing work. I have this strange obsession with "Legacy" computers, my prized piece being an Osborne 1 (a Z80 CP/M machine) with a 300 baud modem and 384KB RAM drive. However, I do most of my serious work on a Pentium II.

My Work

I'm currently self-employed as a free-lance computer consultant - anything from repairs to new builds and occasionally bigger projects. My computing experience is quite broad, chances are I've done it, if I haven't I pick it up fast. Prior to this I was a network admin monkey at a 200-employee engineering firm (essentially head of IT for about 4 years), and it was in that job I gained my Windows Server and Netware experience. My top certifications include a CNA certificate and the Novell equivalent of the Microsoft Hardware A+ certifcation.

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