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A Short Lesson in Dwarvish Runes

Let's start with the alphabet, starting with the letter A-, B-, C-, D-, E-, F-, G-, H-, I-, J-, K-, L-, M-, N-, O-, P-, Q-, R-, S-, T-, U-, V-, W-, X-, Y-, Z-

EA-, EE-, NG-, ST-, TH-.

. " ".

, : " " , "" , ""

, , ,

Want to use these runes in Windows? Then download this file: runes.ttf. runes.ttf is Copyright © 2001 Paul Chattaway. You may not modify, sell, or use this font commercially without my prior written permission. You may, however, distribute this file at no charge to the recipient(s) on the condition that this copyright notice be distributed with the file in full and unmodified.

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