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Below are some links I've come across during my travels. I've only included ones with original content as opposed to pure "link farms", they should serve as good sources of info as well as jumping-off points. Note: I have no financial ties with any of the following sites, this is just a list of useful sites I put together after hours of surfing the web.


Someone's home page with a lot of animated GIFs, dedicated to making absinthe, and selling "absinthe kits" and artwork. I personally wouldn't drink the recipe he uses...

Absinth(e).com Shop

An online store that offers several Czech brands, something they call "Swiss La Bleue" (bearing their own label), chocolate absinthe drops containing Pilsner absinthe, posters, and absinthe spoon replicas. Haven't tried these guys, I've had reports of missing / damaged shipments, and apparently when you try to rectify the situation they ignore you. One person cancelled his order, and they charged his card even though they acknowledged the cancellation. I include their link so you can use their site as an information source.

Betina Elixirs

e-mail: (orders/inquiries)
The only supplier of French La Fée and French Oxygenée in North America and my preferred supplier of Suisse La Bleue (she stocks three different types). She can also supply you with any Spanish brand, French sugar, absinthe chocolates filled with Suisse La Bleue, modern and antique spoons, glasses, collectibles, etc. Very quick and friendly service! She 100% guarantees safe delivery for all items.

La Fee Verte Absinthe House

A great source of information on all things Absinthe, including reviews on many brands and vendors.

Erowid Absinthe Vault

A collection of absinthe information, pictures, FAQs, etc.

The Fine Spirits Corner

An online store that not only sells most brands of Spanish absinthe, but also other liqueurs and wines, olive oils, spices, etc. Reasonable prices, fairly quick service.

Hill's Absinth

Appears to be the home page of Hill's Absinth, but it makes local references to BC, Canada...


A source for all kinds of herbs and extracts, should you decide to try making your own (please note that unless your math and knowledge of herbs/extracts is very good, you stand a good chance of overdosing if you make your own)...

Sebor Absinth

The UK distributor for Sebor Absinth, nice clean site and online store.

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