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Stranger than Fiction

Is This a Remake? Microsoft Bails Out Apple

from page 142 of the August 22/29 issue of Entertainment Weekly

[ photo caption: THAT'S LIFE: Apple's Steve Jobs (left) accepts $150 million from Bill Gates ]

"GEORGE, MOST PEOPLE hate me. But I don't like them either, so that makes it all even. You know just as well as I do that I run practically everything in this town but the Bailey Building and Loan. You know, also, that for a number of years I've been trying to get control of it ... or kill it. But I haven't been able to do it. ... You wouldn't mind living in the nicest house in town, buying your wife a lot of fine clothes, a couple of business trips to New York a year. ... You wouldn't mind that, would you, George?" -- Herbet Potter (Lionel Barrymore) offering a deal to George Bailey (James Stewart) in It's a Wonderful Life.

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